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A Faerie Affair Travel Crystal Candle

A Faerie Affair Travel Crystal Candle

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A candle inspired by the enchanting realm of faeries. In the heart of this candle lies a sprinkled ring of lavender and glis. . .

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A candle inspired by the enchanting realm of faeries. In the heart of this candle lies a sprinkled ring of lavender and glistening crystals, a symbolic invitation to the fairy folk. In the wild, such circles often emerge as rings of wild mushrooms, but within the warm embrace of this candle's glow, you'll find a different kind of magic.

As you light the wick, a dance of fragrant notes unfolds, beckoning you to embark on a journey into the mystical. Let the scent of our candle guide your meditation practice, or perhaps, use it as a conduit to commune with your ethereal guides.

Crystals, known for their ethereal connection, accompany this candle on its fairy-inspired voyage. Fuchsite, with its verdant allure, and clear quartz, a beacon of clarity, intertwines its energies to enhance your experience.

With each delicate fragrance note and flicker of the flame, 'A Faerie Affair' transports you to a world where the mystical meets the mundane, and where the unseen becomes tangible. Illuminate your space, connect with the fairy realm, and embark on an affair of wonder and magic like no other.

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Key notes:

Triple scented. An exquisite fusion of fruity delights, including apple peel, peach, berries, and pear, harmoniously intertwines with the warmth of cinnamon bark, candied violet, clove, and the alluring accents of vanilla and wood.


  • 90g soy candle
  • Fuchsite and clear quartz crystal
  • 64mm (Diameter) x 48mm (High)
  • Recycled tinted glass vessel
  • 15 hours burn time (10 minutes/gram)


100% premium soy wax (non-GMO, no unnatural additives, Kosher certified), lavender buds, mallow flowers, premium fragrance oil.

Fuchsite: often hailed as the 'fairy crystal' due to its enchanting green and gold sparkly flecks reminiscent of fairy dust, is believed to promote peaceful relaxation and foster a wellspring of creative, positive thoughts.*

Clear quartz: a potent crystal known for its restorative and amplifying energy. This versatile gem benefits all chakras, clearing and activating them while purifying the physical and energetic bodies. Clear quartz is also favored for manifestation, offering increased focus and clarity to desires.*

*Crystals are believed to hold various metaphysical properties and meanings, but their effects are subjective and not scientifically proven. Any information provided here is for entertainment and personal exploration purposes only. 

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